H.I.S. Overview

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Qualified Personnel

Experienced project managers and crews guarantee quality results while meeting your project objectives. Our comprehensive advanced training program ensures that the H.I.S. Craftsmen on your site possess the skills to handle any challenge and deliver the desired results – on time!


Substantial experience on government and public projects gives us the ability to successfully complete the submittal, badging, and documentation process. Challenging project? We’ve got answers!

Quality Control

Quality control and field supervision procedures make sure your project meets specified quality requirements and exceeds your expectations. NACE inspection available.

Timely Results

H.I.S. Painting has a proven track record of completing projects on or ahead of schedule.


Safety First, Last, and ALWAYS! We recognize that our workforce is our greatest asset in giving you the best service. We are committed to providing safety training and learning opportunities to foster the growth of our workers.

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